Breaking News: Federal Income Tax Deadline Extended to July 15th

The IRS has moved the April 15th tax filing deadline to July 15th. Originally, only the deadline for making a payment was extended to July 15th. However, this new announcement eliminates the need to file an extension for federal tax returns that have a due date of April 15th.

It is expected that many states will follow the lead of the federal government and delay the tax filing and tax payment deadlines.

Please see the link below to the IRS announcement for more details.



Our physical office location in Northgate is closed however, most of our team members are working remotely. The office will be closed until at least April 6th at which point we will reevaluate. We appreciate your patience during these ever-changing circumstances.


Our office will continue to receive postal service. If you would like to share documents electronically instead, please contact your account manager to set-up a client portal account to conveniently send, receive, and access your accounting and tax documentation.


We encourage communication through email and phone as you can reach all team members regardless of their physical work location. Please visit our team page to find email addresses for each team member.

IRS Announcement